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Estate Planning


The purpose of an Estate Plan is to protect your family and provide a framework of your intentions in the event of your death. This framework allows your loved ones with an outline of your desires and so those wishes can be honored.

Regardless of age or wealth, an estate plan can be executed to alleviate answers that inevitably will arise. Who should be the caregiver for your minor child(ren)? What are your wishes regarding funeral and burial? What assets do you own? What debts do you have? Would you like end-of-life saving measures performed? These are difficult questions to address for others and are not normally known by close-loved ones.


Our life has many unpredictable events occur. With careful preparation, we can be ready for those unforeseen events. Putting those last wishes in writing with an Estate Plan is the best way to prepare for the worst. Christiansen Law in Flagstaff, Arizona is prepared to assist Northern Arizona families and individuals with an Estate Plan and address those difficult and unknown questions regarding your assets, wishes, and plans.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order


Some assets are not simply divided in divorces, specifically retirement accounts. Unique Orders, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO), are needed and signed by the Court to instruct retirement account companies to divide such accounts according to the Decree of Dissolution of Marriage and requirements of retirement company. Many Family Law Attorneys do not perform and draft QDROs. Christiansen Law, PLLC in Flagstaff, Arizona has built a reputation across Arizona for professionally and efficiently handling the preparation and qualification of Domestic Relations Orders.

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Bankruptcy has a terrible reputation. But the bankruptcy process is to provide debtors the relief they need when their finances become a burden. Christopher L. Christiansen, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Flagstaff, guides clients through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process to the financial relief they need.

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Family Law


Divorce is a difficult time for you, your children, and your former spouse. Emotions are high and drama is even higher. Christopher L. Christiansen has been a focused Divorce Attorney in Flagstaff Arizona, servicing Coconino, Navajo, and Yavapai Counties since graduation from Law School in 2014. Christiansen Law, PLLC strives to not add to a client’s stress, but rather to guide the client through the legal process to the best result available while taking into consideration spousal support, division of assets and debt, and the children’s needs and best interest.

Parenting time, Legal Decision-Making Modification:

Parenting Time and Legal Decision-making plans are originally created to meet the immediate needs of the child(ren) and parents. Yet, as time progresses, they may need to grow and adapt as circumstances change. Children get older, one parent moves away, children’s extra-curricular activities are ever changing, and parent’s availability changes themselves. Parenting Plans are not one size fits all. Nor can they plan for every event in the future. As such, changes may need to occur to best meet the needs of the children. Christiansen Law, works diligently in the Flagstaff and Northern Arizona community for a number of years to help changing families modify their Parenting Plans to best meet their needs.

Parenting time, Legal Decision-Making Modification:

Arizona utilizes predetermined guidelines to define child support amounts for establishment and modifications. Christiansen Law, PLLC is experienced in uncovering hidden income and assets when there are issues surrounding rental income, self-employment, commission, bonuses and other types of income. Additionally, Christopher L. Christiansen can address child support enforcement or contempt issues within Northern Arizona.


Whether you are bringing in a new family member or adopting a stepchild, the legal process can be confusing and tedious. Christiansen Law, PLLC welcomes the joyous challenge and works diligently to make the process a smooth transition into your new family.

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